• Fedotov Mikhail

    Director of the managing general partner, key person, member of the investment committee of the «Russian-Belarusian Venture Fund»

    Director of RVC subsidiary funds. Previously worked on executive positions in the Russian Venture Company (RVC JSC), Apsis Glob investment-development company, INVEST AG private equity fund, RENOVA-StroyGroup, worked in various commercial organizations both in Russia and abroad as head of financial, economic and investment departments.

    Graduated from the Higher School of Economics majoring in “Financial Management” and from the Russian State University for the Humanities with a degree in Social Philosophy. Holds a Global Master in Finance IE Business School (Madrid).

  • Karzytski Dzianis

    Member of the investment committee of the «Russian-Belarusian Venture Fund», Director of the Belarusian Innovation Fund

    Practical experience in finance for over 10 years. Provided financial management in development and logistics projects, including 6 years in the TRIPLE diversified group of companies. Since 2019, director of the Belarusian Innovation Fund, which is one of the key institutions for the development of innovative activities in the Republic of Belarus, providing financing for projects at different stages: from grant support for youth projects to lending to corporate innovative areas.

    ACCA diploma in international financial reporting DipIFR RUS, PhD (econ., BY).

  • Stepanov Andrey

    Member of the investment committee of the «Russian-Belarusian Venture Fund», Deputy Director of RVC Subsidiary Funds

    20+ years of generating ROIs in Financial, Investment and RE industry, high-growth business creation and management in Russia, Asia and Europe.

    Previously held executive roles in high-tech company SIMTEQ NL (aviation industry), «Kronstad Group», «Tranzas», RE developer «SPB Renovation», «RFP Group» corporation, MONDI International.

    Experience in collaboration with financial institutions, international M&A deals structuring, fundraising in Europe, investor relationships management.

    Education: Syktyvkar State University, Executive management program Mondi&PEF, VC&PE program IE Business School.

  • Blokhina Natalia

    Deputy Director of RVC Subsidiary Funds for Global Projects

    20+ years of experience in operational and investment business development in Russia, USA, India, China, Singapore, LatAm and Africa.
    Transitioned to VC industry in 2015, has controlled many portfolio companies, consolidated relationships with venture capitalist in the US, LatAm and Europe, created value through the building of pipelines and investing, fundraising, restructuring, recapitalizing, and directing turnaround projects.
    Previously focused on worldwide operations and supply chain excellence in AB InBev.
    Education: Moscow State University, TRIUM Global EMBA (LSE, NYU Stern, HEC Paris).

  • Yuranov Andrey

    Investment Director of the Belarusian Innovation Fund

    Has more than 10 years’ experience of working in investments. He held different ranks in the leading bank in Belarus in investment lending and corporate business. He was a coordinator of international privatization project targeted on preparing M&A transactions in accordance with best international practices. Andrey has a range of international certificates in the area of financial modeling and analysis, capital markets and project management.

  • Mironchenko Sergey

    Deputy director of RVC subsidiary funds

    20+ years of notable experience in legal support for investment projects and operational businesses in Russia, Asia, Europe. Previously held executive roles in «Kronstad Group», «Tranzas», «RFP Group», «Gallery Service». Specializes in M&A deals, corporate law, restructuring. Experience in IPO preparation and execution.
    Education: Law University at Moscow State Academy of Water Transport, Master in International law Liverpool University.

  • Puntus Irina

    Member of the Investment Committee of the «Russian-Belarusian Venture Investment Fund», investment manager

    Experience in investment banking financing and risk management in TOP-5 banks of the Republic of Belarus for over 14 years. Provided credit risk management of corporate projects for over 6 years. Has an expertise in financial modeling and structuring of credit projects. Successful implementation of credit projects with large corporations of the Republic of Belarus.

    Master’s degree in economics from the Belarusian State Economic University, Diploma ACCA in international financial report statement DipIFR RUS, Diploma as a financial manager from the Institute of Certified Financial Managers (ICFM).

  • Malygin Alexey

    Investment analyst in RVC Infrafund

    10+ years of experience in investment and consulting (business valuation). Previously, Alexey worked in the investment department of MCB Capital (asset management) and Hi Capital (mezzanine fund) and was responsible for pipeline analysis (mezzanine and project financing, PE) and monitoring the performance of portfolio companies. He also has extensive experience in the business and asset valuation («2K»).

    Education: Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (accounting analysis and audit), retraining at the Institute for Professional Assessment (business valuation), CFA Institute (2019 June CFA Level I exam passed).

  • Mesayedava Yuliya

    Investment analyst of the «Russian-Belarusian Venture Fund», head of the Organizational Work and International Activity department of the Belarusian Innovative Foundation

    Practical experience in the field of investment for over 3 years. Including work in the banking sector in terms of technical and fundamental analysis of international technology companies, a certified tracker.

    Education: Master of Economy specialized in “Banks and non-Bank financial institutions in the financial market”. Author of over 15 scientific papers and publications about investment, derivatives and hedging of financial risks.